pkgreviewr R package

Facilitating rOpenSci reviews through templating and automation.

I built this package when I was invited to review for rOpenSci a second time. I found that I was both repeating myself but also having to return to the (extremely thorough) rOpenSci reviewer’s documentation over and over because I couldn’t remember detailed steps I had followed to perform the review the first time.

The package provides functionality for automatically cloning the source code of the package under review as well as creating a review project with all the materials required to perform and report review findings, prepopulated with details of the package under review.

Later when I joined the software review editorial team, I added functionality for editors including a streamlined editors checks template and an interactive review request email template, automatically populated with details of the package in question, for inviting potential reviewers.

I presented the package and story behind it’s creation at the 2019 UK RSE Conference where it received first prize!

Here’s the poster!

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