About Me

Research Software Engineer in R with a background in Marine Macroecology

Research Software Engineer

I’m an experienced Research Software Engineering, specialising in the statistical programming language R. I have 14 years of experience using R to compile, manipulate, analyse data and 7 years as a data scientist / research software engineer. I spent the last 5 years with one of the first and most successful RSE teams in the UK at the University of Sheffield, working with researchers to build more robust analysis pipelines and software, promote best practice in research programming and digital resource management and facilitate the shift to more open, transparent and collaborative research culture.

Software development work during this time was diverse, spanned all faculties and ranged from developing complex data analysis pipelines, building custom R packages from analysis code, developing shiny applications to provide access to and enable exploration of research data and results to accompany publications, packaging data and metadata for publication and providing consultation on how research groups can improve their own analysis and result reporting pipelines.

Capacity Builder

An important part of my work focused on capacity building through training, mentoring and advocacy on best research software engineering practices. I developed and taught a number of well received courses, in particular a postgraduate course on Research Project and Data management in R and a course in version control through git & GitHub while my advocacy work included a number of invited talks including a keynote at User2020.

Overall, my passion lies in helping researchers and the research community as a whole make better use of their code and data and spreading the word about the joys of R!

Open Source | Science Enthusiast

I’ve contributed to a number open source software, Open Science communities and initiatives.

I am a software review editor for rOpenSci, a 2019 Software Sustainability Institute Fellow, founding member of the ReproHack project and main developer of the ReproHack Hub (https://www.reprohack.org/). I’ve also contributed to communities like the Mozilla Science Lab, the Turing Way and mentored on the Open Life Sciences program.

Marine Macroecologist

My background is in Marine Macroecology and I continue to enjoy work involving marine data and research.

I hold a PhD in Marine Macroecology from the University of Sheffield and a 1st Class BSc (Honours) degree in Marine Biology and Oceanography from the University of Plymouth.


After a very long time in the UK, in 2022 I returned home to Greece. I’m now based on Syros Island, the administrative center of the Cyclades in the South Aegean. I’m happy to travel but likely to perform most work remotely. I am also happy to host you events here so do consider Syros for your next summer school location!